Affair Toolkit – Help In Deciding To End An Affair


A video series to help you choose between your spouse and your lover.

The affair toolkit video series can help you make sense out of what is happening…and what to do next.

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We Understand Affairs Like No One Else…

…Because We Have Been There.


First, let us say that we are not here to judge what has happened.

We understand affairs, because most of the marriages that we work with at Marriage Helper have been affected by an affair.

Not only that, but most of the people on the team at Marriage Helper have had a marriage affected by an affair.

We understand how they start, how they go, and how they end.

We want to help you.

And even though it may not feel like it…there is hope for your situation.



Can We Ask You Something?


Do you wish that you could talk with someone, without feeling judged, about what is going on?

I’m sure that you would. I’m sure that you have been scouring the internet for all the help you can get, only to find that half of it doesn’t work, and the other half are people trying to scam you during your most vulnerable time in life.

That’s why we created the Affair Toolkit.

We understand affairs.

It might be a strange thing to say, but it’s true.

Over the past 20 years, with courses that have reached over 200,000 people, we have not only worked with thousands of people currently involved in an affair, but many members of the staff at Marriage Helper have experienced this exact same situation.

Being in love with someone other than your spouse can be crippling. On one hand, you know what you are doing is wrong. But on the other hand, you have convinced yourself that this is the right thing to do…

Yet deep inside…it still doesn’t feel right.

We can help you figure this out.


The Affair Toolkit Video Series Can Help You Make Sense Out Of What Is Happening…and What to Do Next


This online video series will teach you what you need to know in order to:

→ Help you understand what happened

→ Find peace with the situation

→ How to decide between ending the affair and saving the marriage

→ How affairs affect children

→ Why you are feeling the way you feel

→ What your future will look like


Here’s What You Get with the Affair Toolkit:

First, you will go through 5 videos that will teach you the core concepts.

This includes:

  • Why you feel so deeply in love with the affair partner
  • How affairs start and how they end
  • Why having an affair doesn’t mean that you are a bad person
  • How affairs can change you into someone you don’t want to be
  • How to decide what to do for your future
  • …and more


Once you master the core concepts, then you can move on to deeper material, such as:

  • How do affairs affect children?
  • Should the children be around the affair partner?
  • What you need to know about the process of affairs
  • How to make short term and long term decisions for your marriage
  • …and more


We Want to Help You Find Peace.

Get the Affair Toolkit Today.