Our Marriage Coaching Is Different Than Counseling



Looking for Someone to talk to about your marriage situation?

At Marriage Helper, we want to help you fix your marriage problems, and we can help you do that with our Marriage Coaching. Our coaches will help guide you to the end goal you are looking for in fixing your marriage problems, whether you are:
  • Fighting all the time and can’t seem to agree
  • Never fight and avoid talking about anything
  • Married but in love with someone else
  • Married to someone who is in love with someone else
  • Separated
  • Living in the same house but not talking
  • In the middle of a divorce
  • …and so much more.

How Marriage Helper Coaching Works

Purchase your coaching sessions here, either a single session or a package of three! Choose one of our amazing Marriage Helper Certified Coaches or our Director of Coaching, Jim Pourteau. Once you buy your session/s, you will receive an email with a code. You can enter that code and schedule your session either with your Marriage Helper Certified Coach HERE OR with Jim Pourteau HERE.

Once you schedule your session, you can reschedule your coaching appointment up to 24 hours before the appointment using the link in your confirmation email. No cancelation or refund requests will be permitted. Any requests to reschedule less then 24 hours before the appointment or no-show appointments will forfeit their payment for this session. By purchasing these sessions, you have confirmed that you’ve read and agreed to these conditions.

If you have any questions about coaching, please contact us at info@marriagehelper.com.

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Our Coaches

All of our coaches are trained and certified by Marriage Helper and are professional relationship coaches. Our coaching sessions are neither counseling nor therapy. We recommend that you select one Marriage Helper coach and stick with that same coach, that will allow you to get the best out of your sessions. We don’t allow you to book sessions with different Marriage Helper coaches at the same time, as this creates confusion – if you do this someone from the office will contact you to reschedule. The first session with a new coach will be an intake session, this is about setting the scene for what to expect with coaching, understanding your background and specific relationship situation and areas to work on.


Certified MH Coach ‘17 | Breakout Leader ’17

After discovering her husband’s affair & separating in 2015, Casi tried many marriage programs that didn’t work. But in 2016, they attended the MH Workshop, where true healing & reconciliation began. Casi will help you move toward the marriage you desire with her extensive training & experience. Together you’ll identify areas to improve & learn better alternatives. “I offer encouragement to all because I know THERE’S ALWAYS HOPE! If anything works, this will!”


Certified MH Coach ‘18 | FB Admin ‘17

Jared wanted a divorce in 2015, but found MH on Google. It caused him to have second thoughts. He started making changes in himself, his wife got on board, and they’ve been working the program ever since! Jared gives his clients a birds-eye view of the process they’re in. According to Jared, “My clients fear the unknown. They need clarity to understand their situation.” Jared will provide you with a map & destination to understand the role of MH principles in your situation.


Certified MH Coach ‘18 | FB Admin ‘16

Petra found Marriage Helper in 2014 during her husband’s 4 year affair. By putting what she learned into practice, they were able to reconcile! Today, they lead a stronger, happier and more satisfying marriage than ever before. Petra empowers her clients to improve their relationships, overcome personal obstacles, and lead thriving lives. Petra will help you view your marriage difficulties from different angles. She’ll put you in the driver’s seat toward a great future. Petra is also able to do the coaching sessions in German!


Certified MH Coach ‘19

Marriage Helper saved Vinny’s good friends Jimmy and Shannon Pourteau’s marriage after a devastating blow. “It was nothing short of miraculous!” Vinny has worked with families in crisis for 27 years. His clients’ biggest fear is investing in their marriage and not seeing their spouse respond. Vinny will help you stay focused on behaviors that guide your relationship toward reconciliation. You’ll see positive movements forward and wins. This will build your willingness to “stay at it!”


Certified MH Coach ‘21 | Breakout Leader ’19

Priscilla’s husband found Marriage Helper after she confessed to him that she was in a limerent affair in 2017. After they attended the workshop, there wasn’t an immediate turnaround. They actually continued with a divorce. However, after putting Marriage Helper principles into action, they were drawn back together. They have been married since 2004, but now enjoy a more authentic, secure, and fun relationship than ever before. Priscilla will be able to help you find hope, no matter what situation you are in. She will guide you to positive thought processes and forming healthier habits so that you can be better you. She says, “Even as the former wayward spouse, I know that the principles we teach will be life-changing!”


Certified MH Coach ’18 | Breakout Leader ’18
Scott & his wife have attended the MH Workshop 3 times – first as a separated couple about to divorce; second as a divorced couple exploring reconciliation; third as an engaged couple about to re-marry.  While searching and standing alone, Scott found Marriage Helper to be a God-send, as he experienced personal renewal over a 6 1/2 year period from separation until homecoming.  Having been on both sides of limerence, Scott has the unusual capacity to come alongside both those trying to save their marriage as well as those wanting to move on. Scott’s multi-ethnic, blended, bi-lingual family is passionate about bringing God’s goodness and mercy along with MH principles to the Spanish-speaking community, among others.


Certified MH Coach ‘21 | Breakout Leader ’20

Nathan and his wife attended a Marriage Helper Workshop in the fall of 2019 after their relationship was touched by an affair. The principles learned gave him hope that things could change for the better and provided him a roadmap for how to get there. A recipient of coaching for two years, Nathan understands the benefit a coach can bring to someone who’s standing for their marriage. With Nathan, you’ll find a friend to remind you that you’re not alone and a mentor to encourage you to do your part in becoming the best version of yourself. “Amidst the tragedies of life, sometimes the best you can do is to keep going.”


MH Director of Coaching | Breakout Leader ’18

Melody found MH from a Google Search during her marriage crisis. After attending the Workshop with her husband, they reconciled! Melody shows her clients what steps to take to begin healing & forgiveness- no matter the current status of their marriage. With Melody, you’ll adjust your motivation to become a better version of yourself. This will influence positive change in your life and those around you. “Healing, growth, change, & joy can happen but it all starts with you.”


Executive MH Coach | Workshop Facilitator ‘15

Jim founded the Coaching program at Marriage Helper and has facilitated many Workshops. He’s a certified leadership coach and trainer with John Maxwell. Jim has also led mega-churches and worked with multi-million dollar organizations to help identify & solve relationship problems. These skills enable him to be very successful and effective in working with marriages.

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