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Support, Save, and Strengthen your marriage to last a lifetime.

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I’m saving my marriage alone.

Solo Spouse Workshop

This program is for you if your marriage is in trouble, your spouse wants out (or has left) and your spouse won’t engage to save your marriage.


We both want to reconcile.

Couples Workshop Program

Join our couples workshop which has been saving marriages for over 20 years with a 70% success rate – even if you’re divorced or separated. We can help you convince your spouse to come.


Every Marriage Matters!

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What Couples Are Saying

Kenny & Soozie Marriage Helper Testimonial

It was comforting to know that other couples attending the Workshop were struggling with similar issues. Everything I learned that weekend gave me the tools to help mend our relationship and keep future struggles at bay.

Kenny & Soozie

happily married young couple marriage helper

“Marriage Helper placed our marriage on a firm foundation that we had never had in the 11 years of marriage prior. Limerence, lies, deceit, and poor communication lined the walls of our home. Now those walls are filled with prayer, love, and lots of talking. We could not have done this without Marriage Helper!”

Shawn & Britany

happy family of eight marriage helper

“There was nothing else in our life like Marriage Helper when we were in our valley. We didn’t experience our turnaround immediately, but the bold hope and truth to which they opened our eyes stuck with us and ultimately transformed us. Thank God for the work He did through Marriage Helper!”

Jordan & Priscilla

Trusted by 100K+ Subscribers and Seen On:

Trusted by 100K+ Subscribers and Seen On:

We’re on a mission to save marriages.

We want yours to be one of them.

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