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For couples and individuals who are in crisis…

Save Your Marriage Today

Discover a Proven Path to Put Things Back Together, Rebuild Trust, Reignite Passion, and Create Your Dream Marriage

Your Marriage Can Be Saved

At Marriage Helper, we understand the pain and challenges you may be facing in your relationship. Our empathetic approach has helped countless couples navigate the toughest of situations. What sets us apart is our remarkable 70% success rate in saving marriages, even in the face of active affairs. You are not alone in this journey.

What Couples Are Saying

This workshop is the best thing I have done in my entire marriage. It not only helped me look at my marriage from another perspective, it helped me understand myself and my spouse on a deeper level, and it changed everything for us. My spouse and I were divorcing and this was a hail Mary for us. It saved our marriage, it saved our friendship, and has helped us to start reconciliation. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone.


Great Experience! Marriage Helper truly cares about healing marriages and does their best to make the experience impactful. Wonderful people!!

Kelly, Illinois

I absolutely LOVED the workshops! 

I learned so much and I really believe that it gave my husband just enough questions that helped him not rush into ending our marriage.

It took a while for us to truly start reconciling, but I believe that the workshop planted very powerful seeds. I highly recommend it.

Rozann, Utah

Amazing life-changing experience! This workshop gave us the tools we needed to rebuild our marriage. So thankful we found marriage helper and made friends for lifetime too that we can walk through this season with.


Marriage Helper placed our marriage on a firm foundation that we had never had in the 11 years of marriage prior. Limerence, lies, deceit, and poor communication lined the walls of our home. Now those walls are filled with prayer, love, and lots of talking. We could not have done this without Marriage Helper!

Shawn & Britany


Start Your Journey with Our Free Mini-Course

In this free course learn how to save your marriage when you’ve lost hope. Kimberly Beam Holmes will walk through the 7 Steps To Rescue Your Marriage and give you practical tips on what you can start doing TODAY!

The Save My Marriage Program

This monthly membership includes access to our 12 week Save My Marriage program that will give you all the proven, practical steps to turn your marriage crisis around. In addition, you get access to a private community and live weekly support calls. You are immersed in a community of people just like you, struggling with saving their marriages, finding hope and re-discovering who they are.

Turn Around Your Marriage at Our Upcoming Workshops

This three-day intensive is designed to help you learn about yourself, your spouse, and your marriage—and give you the tools you need to build a strong, healthy relationship.

With a 70% success rate, the Marriage Helper Workshop has helped thousands of couples repair their marriages and find peace with themselves and one another—and the same can be true for you.

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