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Hosted by renowned marriage and relationship expert, Dr. Joe Beam, and Marriage Helper CEO, Kimberly Holmes, Relationship Radio answers your marriage questions directly with research-based principles that you can implement immediately. Regardless of the situation, what we teach will not only make your relationships better, but will also help you to become the best version of yourself along the way. If you have a question for Joe and Kimberly, you can click the button below!

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physical affair vs. emotional affair

Physical Affair Vs. Emotional Affair

Do you know the difference between a physical affair and an emotional affair?

Typically people refer to an emotional affair with no physical interaction between the two people, or if some physical interaction; it’s not regular sex.

In this episode of Relationship Radio, Dr. Joe Beam explains the differences between physical affairs, emotional affairs, and limerence. You’ll learn what to do if you or your spouse have had an affair and what you can do to start repairing your marriage.

This is a three-part series so make sure you tune in each week as Dr. Joe talks about the stages of affairs.


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