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How To Stop Your Divorce And Make Your Marriage Last

One of the things I hear as soon as people discover I work with couples is, "What is the one thing I can do to make my marriage better? You have to have a magic line right? There's a pill. There has to be something."

Married But Sexually Rejected

Your husband rejects you sexually. There must be all kinds of things going through your head. You're thinking, "I need sex too. I need fulfillment. Why does he not want me anymore?" 

Why Marriage Coaching Works

The best thing we could do in times of need when we're stuck is to look for someone who's outside of our emotions. 

Was Taking Them Back A Mistake?

If you’re asking yourself… “Am I a fool?”  It's probably because you feel like you have been so hurt, betrayed, or lied to that you don't know what to believe anymore. 

How To Get Your Spouse To Make You Happy

I’m going to explain some of the things that you can start asking yourself, and things you can do to move forward when you feel like your spouse isn't making you happy. 

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