Gaslighting In A Relationship


Have you ever, in a relationship, started to doubt your own mind? Has your spouse made you question your reality? If so, you may have experienced gaslighting in a relationship.

Gaslighting In A Relationship2022-04-26T06:35:57-06:00

Controlling Husband and How To Stop It


If you have a dominating and controlling husband, and you’re trying to find your independence and to feel valued for who you are as a person, then this article is for you.

Controlling Husband and How To Stop It2022-02-21T14:45:42-06:00

What Difficulties Exist When A Wife Has A Stronger Personality Than Her Husband?


Recently, I interacted with a couple... The wife had a very strong personality and the husband was more laid back. Now that doesn't make her better than him or him worse than her, that's not what we're talking about here. It's just very different temperaments, very different ways of approaching life.

What Difficulties Exist When A Wife Has A Stronger Personality Than Her Husband?2020-03-31T19:15:08-06:00

Caught in a Controlling Marriage


Are you caught in a marriage with a controlling spouse? Or, have you been accused of being controlling in your marriage? Living under the constant scrutiny of a controlling spouse is an exhausting exercise in futility. This person will never be satisfied, will never be wrong, always knows what’s best for you and feels the need to make sure you know that fact as well. Not only that, but the need to control every aspect of your own life as well the life and actions of your spouse and children be exhausting. There’s never a break. But we can help. Click here to read this article.

Caught in a Controlling Marriage2022-02-18T15:35:36-06:00

“I Could Lose Him”


There were days I thought I might kill my husband, but I certainly didn't want to lose him. There’s a difference. As a control freak, I hate losing things, and the thought that I might lose my husband struck terror. Click here to read this article.

“I Could Lose Him”2019-08-12T21:48:42-06:00
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