Is Marriage Worth It?


Is marriage worth it? There are a few different ways that I could approach this question. But let's look at the research.

Is Marriage Worth It?2022-03-02T15:36:52-06:00

Was Taking Them Back A Mistake?


If you’re asking yourself… “Am I a fool?”  It's probably because you feel like you have been so hurt, betrayed, or lied to that you don't know what to believe anymore. 

Was Taking Them Back A Mistake?2022-05-19T15:04:40-06:00

How To Get Your Spouse To Work On The Marriage


If you're in a struggle, or frustration with your spouse, and it seems like they don't want to work on the marriage with you, I want to give you 5 helpful tips to stay focused and in tune with your vision. 

How To Get Your Spouse To Work On The Marriage2020-10-16T13:05:53-06:00

Staying Strong When Your Marriage Feels Hopeless


You have the ability to make different choices today. Even if you got off track once.. or twice.. or even seven times, you have the ability to get back on track. You can do this. You can stay on track even when life is trying to throw things at you. 

Staying Strong When Your Marriage Feels Hopeless2024-03-10T16:09:03-06:00

Standing For Your Marriage Alone


It IS possible to stand for your marriage alone.  Now, it might seem impossible, it might seem crazy, (and you might not know where to start) but it can just take one spouse wanting to save the marriage to actually start saving the marriage. But what more can you do? Where do you start!?

Standing For Your Marriage Alone2022-10-29T12:42:19-06:00

Divorce Doesn’t Mean Your Marriage Is Over


One of Jim’s clients called him extremely distressed, saying, “Jim, I need to talk to you RIGHT now. This is an emergency.” As they began to speak, Jim learned that his client’s wife had just contacted him one day ago, saying, “I am filing for divorce.” It’s a total shock- when your spouse tells you they are filing for divorce it’s definitely a traumatic life event.

Divorce Doesn’t Mean Your Marriage Is Over2022-08-08T09:47:17-06:00

Save Your Marriage While Separated: Do This!


When you and your spouse are separated it's hard to know what to do, what to say, how to act, and when to act.  Don't worry, I'm going to give you five things that you can do when you are in a marriage separation that will help you starting now.

Save Your Marriage While Separated: Do This!2024-05-23T03:54:58-06:00
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