Rebuilding Trust In A Relationship


Have you ever been hurt by somebody that you loved or trusted? That betrayal can begin to affect everything about you and make you question what’s true and what isn’t.

Rebuilding Trust In A Relationship2023-07-10T12:25:24-06:00

How Do I Get My Spouse To Forgive Me?


Forgiveness can be difficult to both give and receive. When we’ve been hurt, especially by a loved one, that pain will take time to heal.

How Do I Get My Spouse To Forgive Me?2022-08-23T14:33:49-06:00

False Reconciliation And How To Deal With It


You may feel at times that you and your spouse are getting along and becoming close again. Other times you might feel them pulling back. So how do you handle these cycles of emotion or false starts?

False Reconciliation And How To Deal With It2022-05-04T09:55:09-06:00

Positive Signs During Separation


What are some positive signs during separation to look for that may indicate you can put your marriage back together? 

Positive Signs During Separation2023-07-29T14:24:40-06:00

Rebuilding Trust In Marriage (3 Key Principles)


When your trust has been broken, it can be from any number of things. It could be that your spouse lies continually, and finally, it’s just too much. Or, you discover your spouse is gambling and has put you in financial distress. It even could be that your spouse is having an affair. Whatever the circumstance is, trust was broken.

Rebuilding Trust In Marriage (3 Key Principles)2023-07-29T14:07:49-06:00

Prayer For A Broken Marriage


No matter which situation you are coming from and no matter what situation your marriage is in, I want to give you some hope. 

Prayer For A Broken Marriage2022-08-08T09:47:36-06:00

Divorce Doesn’t Mean Your Marriage Is Over


One of Jim’s clients called him extremely distressed, saying, “Jim, I need to talk to you RIGHT now. This is an emergency.” As they began to speak, Jim learned that his client’s wife had just contacted him one day ago, saying, “I am filing for divorce.” It’s a total shock- when your spouse tells you they are filing for divorce it’s definitely a traumatic life event.

Divorce Doesn’t Mean Your Marriage Is Over2022-08-08T09:47:17-06:00

How To Find A Marriage Counselor


Why is it that when we have troubles in our marriage we automatically think, “Let’s go to marriage counseling...”  It’s the thing you do, right? I mean, it’s all you hear about from family, friends, or just society in general. We feel like it’s what we need to do if our marriage is in crisis. And, it seems to be the only option that’s there... But we want you to know that marriage counseling may not be what you truly need! We'll explain 3 things you may not know about counseling and how it works so you can decide if it’s what you should do to save your marriage. 

How To Find A Marriage Counselor2022-08-08T09:24:52-06:00
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