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What Is Micro-Cheating?

Alleged cheating seems black and white, but what about an affair that starts unintentionally or less obviously between two people?

How to Get Your Husband’s Attention

We’re going to talk all about what to do if you are fighting for your husband’s attention and the steps to take if your approaches are not working.

Is Marriage Worth It?

Is marriage worth it? There are a few different ways that I could approach this question. But let's look at the research.

My Spouse Doesn’t Understand Me

One of the things I hear people say is that they don't know how to communicate. But you do know how to communicate. You're just doing it poorly.

How To Forgive A Cheater

So, here you are. Somehow you've discovered that your spouse is in an affair, and I'm very sorry that you have. I know this is an excruciating time in your life.

How To Be A Better Husband

A very common question we hear from men is, “How can I be a better husband?” And I think that's a pretty good question.

How To Stop Your Divorce

So you've discovered that your spouse wants out of your marriage. This can be an extremely troubling time.

3 Signs Your Husband Is Cheating

A woman's intuition is never wrong...or is it? Is your husband lying, acting shady, or maybe you think he's doing something that he shouldn't be doing?

Controlling Husband and How To Stop It

If you have a dominating and controlling husband, and you’re trying to find your independence and to feel valued for who you are as a person, then this article is for you.

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