Have you lost attraction to your spouse? Over time, there are things that your spouse does that actually push you away? Attraction is an important part of marriage, and that’s not just physical attraction. There are actually 4 types of attraction…we call them the PIES. Here’s why it matters to your marriage right now.

Not Attracted To My Husband After He Cheated


"I don't know how to get past what happened. I can't get the images out of my head–who he has been with and the things that he has done." Does this sound like you?

Not Attracted To My Husband After He Cheated2023-07-29T14:27:51-06:00

How To Be A Better Husband


A very common question we hear from men is, “How can I be a better husband?” And I think that's a pretty good question.

How To Be A Better Husband2023-07-14T09:01:24-06:00

I’m Not Attracted To My Husband


If you feel like you are no longer attracted to your husband, do not tell him–at least not like that. And don't bow out. Read this article, because every single bit of it is going to be important.

I’m Not Attracted To My Husband2023-07-10T13:21:57-06:00

The 4 Ways to Re-Attract Your Spouse


There are some MAJOR misconceptions about what attraction is and why it matters. Often, attraction is seen as a physical connection or draw to someone...but it’s actually so much more than that. With the thousands of couples we’ve worked with, our principle about attraction helped them transform themselves AND their marriage.

The 4 Ways to Re-Attract Your Spouse2024-03-05T16:48:26-06:00

How To Bring Your Husband Back


There are some things that can work to bring your husband back when you're separated (even if your husband isn’t talking to you right now).

How To Bring Your Husband Back2022-02-18T15:45:09-06:00
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