Do you keep having the same arguments without getting anywhere? Are there fundamental beliefs that you and your spouse don’t agree on that are making it difficult to move forward? Or maybe you both know exactly how to push each others’ buttons…and do it often. Conflict in marriage is healthy…but not when you can never compromise. Let’s help you move past the fight and into the solution.

How To Deal With Different Beliefs & Values In Marriage


Most of the time, if we get contacted by a couple where an affair has occurred, the partner who was cheated on asks us to help them understand if they should try to save the marriage. And if so, how?

How To Deal With Different Beliefs & Values In Marriage2022-09-15T08:09:21-06:00

Lazy Husband And What To Do About It


"My husband won't do anything. Everything ends up on my plate, and I am drowning in responsibility. I can't keep living like this." If this sounds like you, then keep reading. 

Lazy Husband And What To Do About It2022-07-25T15:12:50-06:00

Can A Narcissist Change?


Can a narcissist change? This is a question that so many people are asking in society today. I will give you the honest answer to this question.

Can A Narcissist Change?2022-02-21T15:01:35-06:00

Stonewalling In A Relationship


If a couple would stop doing these four things when they disagree, then their chance of divorce decreases by 85%.

Stonewalling In A Relationship2021-06-25T11:09:42-06:00

My Husband Thinks He Does Nothing Wrong


Many times, when we are in a situation with our spouse where there's been an error, there's been a struggle, we're in conflict, or they've done something that we don't like, it's a place where we want to confront them.

My Husband Thinks He Does Nothing Wrong2021-06-18T10:21:27-06:00

Why Marriage Coaching Works


The best thing we could do in times of need when we're stuck is to look for someone who's outside of our emotions. 

Why Marriage Coaching Works2021-04-23T12:49:28-06:00

Married To A Narcissist


Let me guess... your spouse is cold and distant. You feel like everything revolves around what your spouse wants. Your spouse may seemingly lack empathy or an awareness of how his or her reactions affect others. The list goes on and on. In fact, when you Google these things, everything you read points to the fact that your spouse is a narcissist...

Married To A Narcissist2022-08-08T09:29:48-06:00

Should Christians Separate? Part 1 of 3


From what I’ve researched and read, I believe that there are three questions behind this question that are actually going on in these kinds of scenarios.

Should Christians Separate? Part 1 of 32022-08-08T09:47:39-06:00
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