Should Christians Separate? Part 1 of 3


From what I’ve researched and read, I believe that there are three questions behind this question that are actually going on in these kinds of scenarios.

Should Christians Separate? Part 1 of 32022-02-21T15:11:56-06:00

Prayer For A Broken Marriage


No matter which situation you are coming from and no matter what situation your marriage is in, I want to give you some hope. 

Prayer For A Broken Marriage2022-03-03T14:50:31-06:00

A Prayer for a Troubled Marriage


Sometimes, it's hard to pray. Especially when you don't know what to say, you don't have the strength, and honestly, you aren't sure that it's going to make a difference...

A Prayer for a Troubled Marriage2022-02-22T15:08:47-06:00

Fleeting Feelings


One day I told my husband that I did not love him anymore. There were ten years of hurts and a series of events that led up to that day, but the truth is I did not feel any love for him. Not only did I not feel love, I was beginning to feel hatred. I did not know if I could ever regain the feelings of love that I once had for my husband.

Fleeting Feelings2020-05-19T20:01:24-06:00
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