Signs Your Husband Doesn’t Love You


If you believe your husband doesn't love you anymore, we understand how painful it must feel. After all, you married them because they were the love of your life, so where did the marriage go wrong?

Signs Your Husband Doesn’t Love You2023-07-29T13:40:39-06:00

Can A Narcissist Change?


Can a narcissist change? This is a question that so many people are asking in society today. I will give you the honest answer to this question.

Can A Narcissist Change?2022-02-21T15:01:35-06:00

Understanding a Cold & Distant Spouse: 3 Tips


If your spouse seems more cold and distant, it’s concerning. Everyone wants to have a good, warm relationship with their spouse; one where you’re enjoying your interactions, so it makes sense to feel concerned if you notice your spouse distancing themselves from you.

Understanding a Cold & Distant Spouse: 3 Tips2024-03-05T18:29:10-06:00

How To Get Your Spouse To Work On The Marriage


If you're in a struggle, or frustration with your spouse, and it seems like they don't want to work on the marriage with you, I want to give you 5 helpful tips to stay focused and in tune with your vision. 

How To Get Your Spouse To Work On The Marriage2020-10-16T13:05:53-06:00

Spouse Enforcing No Contact? What to Do & How to Cope


“No Contact” is a phenomenon that a ton of people (especially on YouTube) are talking about. It's getting a lot of attention... but it's not something you want to do for your marriage.

Spouse Enforcing No Contact? What to Do & How to Cope2024-03-10T16:08:00-06:00

Stop Your Spouse From Leaving You


Here at Marriage Helper, we’ve worked with thousands of couples in many different marriage situations. From control issues, to affairs, to communication issues… whatever the situation may be, we’ve discovered that there are some foundational things that are happening in the majority of marriages we work with. Most of the time, there are behaviors that one spouse is doing that are working against the marriage. 

Stop Your Spouse From Leaving You2022-08-08T09:47:15-06:00

SMART Contact™ During The Holidays


The Holidays can be some of the most difficult and lonely times of the year, especially if your spouse is completely disengaged. Maybe your spouse stopped talking to you, or you’re separated, or you’re in the middle of a divorce… Whatever your situation may be, SMART Contact is the BEST way to communicate with your spouse, no matter what has happened. If anything works to bring back your spouse and get them to open up, this will. 

SMART Contact™ During The Holidays2022-08-08T09:47:14-06:00

Why Does My Husband Hate Me?


Have you ever felt like your husband hates you? I am no stranger to this feeling. Just talking girl to girl, there's definitely been times in my marriage, in one particular time in my marriage, where every interaction I had with my husband made me feel like I was doing something wrong.

Why Does My Husband Hate Me?2023-07-29T13:36:09-06:00
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