Save My Marriage Membership2024-03-22T09:22:21-06:00

When You’re Out Of Options &

Your Spouse Won’t Even Consider The Possibility Of Saving Your Marriage

You can save your marriage, even if your spouse wants out. That’s why Marriage Helper has created the Save My Marriage Membership as a framework and a plan to learn how to act, interact, and react in a way that will change the trajectory of your marriage crisis. 

Start Saving Your Marriage Now


This monthly membership includes access to our 12 week Save My Marriage program that will give you all the proven, practical steps to turn your marriage crisis around. In addition, you get access to a private community and live weekly support calls. You are immersed in a community of people just like you, struggling with saving  their marriages, finding hope and re-discovering who they are. 

Who Is This For?

  • Your spouse has had an affair

  • You’re divorced or separated

  • Your spouse is in love with someone else

  • Your spouse has left or wants out

  • You’ve had an affair and want to fix the marriage

How It Works

Videos and the Workbook

Over 6 hours of educational content, spread across 12 videos that are available immediately, you can watch from the comfort and privacy of your own home. An interactive and in-depth workbook with sections for you to reflect on and fill in, which becomes your playbook to saving your marriage.

Retail Value: $399 value

Group Support Weekly Calls

We’ll meet together on weekly group support calls with a Marriage Helper certified coach who will work through the material week by week. You will get the opportunity to ask questions about your own situation and hear questions from the other members. If you can’t attend live, you’ll have access to watch all the past sessions.

Retail Value: $1,200/year value

Online Support Forum

A private community forum full of people who are fighting for their marriage in situations just like yours, providing support and hope. This forum is completely CONFIDENTIAL and SAFE. Our admin provides interaction and responses to your questions. There are also weekly challenges throughout the month focusing on specific subjects relevant to your situation. You shouldn’t have to do this alone and you don’t have to.

Retail Value: $500 value

Access to All of Our Toolkits

Immediate access to all of our current 14 toolkits, over 26 hours of training videos for situational-specific resources based on your situations. The toolkits include the Art of Attraction Toolkit, My Spouse Had An Affair – Recovery Toolkit, Boundaries Toolkits, Why Does My Spouse Hate Me Toolkit, SMART Contact Toolkit, I Had An Affair – Recover Toolkit, The LovePath™ Toolkit: The Art of Falling in Love, Physical Attraction Toolkit, Intellectual Attraction Toolkit, Emotional Attraction Toolkit, Spiritual Attraction Toolkit, The Trust Toolkit, The Limerence Toolkit, and our BRAND NEW Calm Down Toolkit.

Retail Value: $1,287

+ Bonuses

A large library of reconciliation stories from people like you who’ve saved their marriages through our digital courses and workshop experience.

1:1 Coaching – as a member you get exclusive access to purchase 1:1 coaching sessions.

Exclusive monthly Members-Only live trainings hosted by Dr. Joe Beam, Kimberly Beam Holmes, or other Marriage Helper facilitators.

Immediate access to all of our current toolkits including the Art of Attraction Toolkit, My Spouse Had An Affair – Recovery Toolkit, Boundaries Toolkits, Why Does My Spouse Hate Me Toolkit, SMART Contact Toolkit, I Had An Affair – Recover Toolkit, Art of Falling in Love Toolkit, Physical Attraction Toolkit, Intellectual Attraction Toolkit, Emotional Attraction Toolkit, Spiritual Attraction Toolkit, The Trust Toolkit, The Limerence Toolkit, and our brand NEW Calm Down Toolkit.

All For 25% OFF Your First Month

Then Only $99/Month

Inside The Membership You Will Learn…

  • How to bring your spouse back

  • Stop pushing your spouse away

  • Find encouragement from others in the same situation

  • Create a plan to follow for saving your marriage

  • Become More Attractive

  • Establish boundaries in your relationships

  • Re-engage your spouse back in to your marriage

  • Strengthen your relationship with God (if applicable)

  • Stop negative thoughts

  • Forgive your spouse

  • Help your kids through this time

  • Communicated with your spouse without fighting

What others are saying…

“I just listened to a support call, and this call alone was worth 6 month’s subscription to the community, in my opinion. I learned a great deal of advanced concepts and important nuances from this call. Thank you”

“It’s a fantastic deal for all the resources, plus three support calls a week are priceless. They are all recorded so you play them now – I like to listen while driving. These guys are so on it. And Dr. Beam had done two training calls. I love the monthly cost.”

“I 100% recommended it!!!!!! It’s pretty amazing!”

“Worth the money in the three live support calls a week!”

Some Frequently Asked Questions…

How does the membership work?2023-05-10T06:33:50-06:00

Our Save My Marriage membership is a recurring subscription, meaning we will take the same payment every month. Your access to all the membership resources will continue until you cancel your membership. 

Can I cancel my membership at any time?2023-05-10T06:28:54-06:00

It’s hassle-free to cancel and you can do it easily via your profile section or by emailing us as If you decide to cancel, you will still have full access for the duration you have paid for. Your membership payment will be taken each month on the same day of the month that you signed up until you cancel. 

Exploring Reconciliation Course vs. Marriage Helper Workshop2024-03-10T20:00:56-06:00

At various times during the month we will host a weekly challenge within the membership. Videos are posted each day by one of our coaches, and you are encouraged to join in the challenge to refocus yourself. Past challenges have focused on saving your marriage, reconciling, acceptance, and dealing with pain.

What time are the weekly live support calls?2023-05-10T04:55:15-06:00

We currently have 5 support calls per week included in the membership, these are taking place on Monday at 12 noon CT, Tuesday at 8pm CT, Wednesday at 7 pm CT, and Thursday at 9 am CT and 8pm CT. These dates and times are subject to change. The calls take place on zoom and are run by a Marriage Helper Certified Coach, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and the coaches are on camera and answer these questions live.

Are support calls recorded if I can’t make them live?2024-03-10T20:01:43-06:00

Yes, they are recorded and available for playback after the session in case you miss a session or want a recap.

What is the discount on coaching that members get?2024-03-22T09:03:58-06:00

Active members receive 50-minute 1:1 Coaching sessions for $130– a 35% discount.

After the Workshop: Is Save Membership Worth It?2024-03-10T20:19:45-06:00

We have a special membership offer for Couples Workshop graduates with workshop-specific resources included, please contact your client representative or email us at to find out more.


Included in the Save My Marriage Program:

SMART Contact Toolkit

Calm down the communication with your spouse and get them to communicate with you again.

Calming down to control your emotions and handle the situation at hand in the best way possible.

Art of Attraction Toolkit

How to attract your spouse back to you.

Understanding Limerence Toolkit

Helping you understand why affairs happen and what you can do to fix your situation.

Learning how to rebuild trust in your relationship after it has been broken.

Guiding you through how you fell out of love and how to fall back in love.

Hate Toolkit

Help you identify the root causes and provide concrete solutions on how to turn that hate back into love.

Boundaries Toolkit

How you stop your spouse from behaviors destructive to you, to someone you love, or to your relationship.

Affair Recovery Toolkit

Helps you understand why your spouse had an affair and what you can do.

Your Best Self Toolkit

Four toolkits each focusing on an area of attraction we call the PIES, physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual.