How To Get Your Spouse To Work On The Marriage


If you’re in a struggle, or frustration with your spouse, and it seems like they don’t want to work on the marriage with you, I want to give you 5 helpful tips to stay focused and in tune with your vision. 



  • Become A Master Of Your “PIES”


Here’s where to start: start by becoming the best “you” that you can be. We call this, being a master of your PIES- physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. At the very minimum, this puts you in a mental and emotional place where you can handle the stress that’s being elevated by this condition. 

For example, physically, you’re taking care of yourself by eating right and sleeping.  Emotionally, you’re not obsessing over your relationship. Intellectually, you’re growing yourself as a person. Spiritually, you’re in fidelity to your values. You’re becoming a person that is strong, who makes good decisions, and who is wise, and that’s what you need in these situations. So I want to encourage you to master your pies at all costs. 

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  • Remember Love, Like, & Respect


The second thing I would encourage you to do is remind yourself that marriages fail as a result of one (or both) partners not feeling loved, liked, or respected by their spouse. As a result of that, they have likely constructed a “wall of protection.” It’s not necessarily against you, but rather, it keeps them from being hurt from anything that might happen within the relationship because the intimacy has been challenged. 

Now, if that wall is up, you can’t bulldoze it. You can’t “make” them take it down. Your spouse needs to trust you enough to take their wall down. And when they do that, they’re actually offering you the influence you may have lost as a result of the wall being put up. So don’t force it, ask. And when they share, be very safe. Don’t attack them and don’t put the blame on them- be healthy as you move forward in your discussion.



  • Do NOT Control 


Also refuse to use any kind of control. One of the most common reasons people behind why people try to control another person is because they’re afraid: “I’m afraid about what’s going to happen,” or, “I’m afraid that you’ll hurt yourself, hurt me or someone else I love.” Even though this may sound like a good excuse, it’s not something you want to do. You want to be very careful about control because when people feel controlled, they also feel disrespected and this really hurts your cause of working on the marriage.



  • Do NOT Manipulate


The next thing I would say is be careful about using coercion or any kind of emotional manipulation. For example, this is something like, “If only they see how hurt I am, they’ll do it.” This doesn’t typically turn out well. Instead of doing that, show them that you’re a strong person, but you desire to work on the marriage. This is much better than placing yourself in a “pity role” because most people don’t find that attractive. 



  • Live Out The Relationship!


Last of all, keep in mind that  working on a marriage doesn’t just mean doing a book study together or watching videos. Working on a relationship is actually living out that relationship.

Here are some questions to ask yourself: 

– Are you living it? 

– Are you in it? 

– Are you finding  opportunities to have fun? 

And as a follow up to that last question- don’t go out to some restaurant and spend money just so you can fight over dinner. Don’t mix business with pleasure! Instead, go there and have a good time! Go out and have a good time and then do business or relationship things when it’s appropriate; when there’s an opportunity to do that. So remember to be living out the relationship, not just working on it. (And by the way, that’s what most people do in successful relationships that require a lot of devotion, hope, vision, and care.) We believe in you!


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We’re here for you and we’re believing for you! Take care.