signs your husband doesn't love you

If you believe your husband doesn’t love you anymore, we understand how painful it must feel. After all, you married them because they were the love of your life, so where did the marriage go wrong? The first thing you shouldn’t do is blame yourself. Marriage takes work, and sometimes people drift apart. This is normal, but not hopeless. There are ways to fall in love again if you believe your marriage feels different. Understanding where your relationship took turns is the first step to fixing a broken marriage to make it strong again. If you feel like there are signs your husband doesn’t love you anymore, we can help you figure out what’s going on.

Nothing is ever black and white in a marriage, and just because something relates to one marriage does not mean it applies to all. This article acts as a guideline for potential signs your husband doesn’t love you. For more professional advice, our team offers a free strategy call to understand why your husband might be acting differently towards you and things you can start doing today to change it.

The First Sign Your Husband Doesn’t Love You: He Acts Cold and Distant.

When someone loses interest, you may feel a sense of separation or distance. Your husband no longer speaks to you before bed. He doesn’t answer your texts or calls and doesn’t make an effort to check in on you daily. Your conversations seem very dry, and there isn’t any interest in spending quality time together whenever possible. A potential reason for this behavior is something pulling him outside of the relationship. Various things may pull your spouse out of the marriage. A few reasons include:

  • Work
  • A lifestyle desire or fantasy
  • Another person
  • Wanting to be somewhere else
  • Past trauma
  • Internal conflict

Before you feel like all hope is lost, there are ways to get your husband’s attention or get him to open up more about how he’s feeling. Our Why Does My Spouse Hate Me Toolkit offers step-by-step guidance on figuring why your spouse hates you and how to overcome it. Two people play take part in a relationship, and understanding the part you played in your marriage may help mend your differences.

The Second Sign Your Husband Doesn’t Love You: He Stops Showing Affection.

Withholding affection is another sign your husband feels indifferent about your marriage. He stops hugging and kissing you, showing he cares, telling you he loves you or no longer shows interest in being physical. It’s easy to feel unattractive or unwanted when someone constantly denies your affections. You may even want to entice his interest by trying to push harder for his affection. This may only goad him further. Begging, pleading, or whining for his attention will only worsen the impression of you in his mind. Our free mini-course teaches you how to get your spouse to fall back in love with you again if you have trouble communicating and don’t know where to start.

The Third Sign Your Husband Doesn’t Love You: They Begin to Keep Secrets.

Hiding things from you is another sign your husband may not love you or possibly wants to leave the marriage. Hiding things means password protecting their devices, deleting emails, staying out late, or refusing to let you see their possessions. It doesn’t necessarily mean someone else is in the picture, but they feel an invasion of privacy.

They will go the extra mile to maintain that privacy because they no longer want to share their personal information with you or feel controlled. We have seen it many times at Marriage Helper. People generally leave a relationship because they no longer feel liked, loved, or respected by their spouses. Once again, relationships are not black and white. Every relationship is different, and every spouse thinks differently. These are the primary signs of a broken marriage and why your husband behaves negatively.

Avoid Doing This At All Costs If Your Husband Doesn’t Love You.

The idea that your husband doesn’t love you anymore is heart-wrenching, and we know that it can tear anyone’s world upside down. The silver lining is understanding yourself to understand your marriage better. A common reaction to lost love is to beg, plead, and whine, but you should avoid this at all costs.

Crying is a stress response when you’re in a challenging situation. If the person we love sees us crying, they will understand how hurt we feel and come running to heal our wounds. Most of the time, an opposite response occurs that further impacts your marriage. Crying and pushing your husband to communicate creates the opposite result you intended. They may not care that you’re calling or may even feel forced to talk about issues.

Your husband already has a negative mindset about marriage emotionally. If they’re acting cold and distant from the start, the last thing they’re going to do is console your crying and talk about the relationship. Another action you should avoid is snooping through their personals to find your answers. Checking his social media or texts builds the negative image in their minds of you, making it that much easier to leave. So what is the next step to fixing a loveless marriage?

Focus on Yourself to Save Your Marriage

You’ve learned some of the signs your husband doesn’t love you. So the next course of action is to forget about saving the marriage. It’s time to protect yourself. Focusing on yourself may sound like the wrong choice, but it’s the first thing you should do. When we panic and feel like we’re losing control, we hold on tighter to what we want most.

Hyper-focusing on your marriage and trying to be a better wife for your husband is not what will fix your marriage. If he already isn’t talking about the issues, anything you do or say at this point will only cause more fighting and dislike. In a broken marriage, you have to re-evaluate yourself. We’re not saying it’s your fault, but understanding your contribution to the marriage will help the reconciliation process.

Maybe you loved working out, reading, spending time with your friends and family, or hobbies that you’ve given up. We call this increasing your pulls. Don’t focus on what your husband wants out there. Focus on what you can do to make yourself more attractive and draw him into you. Making yourself more beautiful does not mean putting on more make-up or becoming more sexual.

It means working on yourself physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, also known as the PIES of Attraction. Becoming the best version of yourself will start the healing process in your marriage. Because you feel better about yourself, you can have intellectual conversations again. You’ve learned how to stop negative emotions that push him away. You’re spiritually working on meditating and calming your mind, etc. This isn’t an overnight fix, but there is hope for your marriage by following the art of attraction and increasing your PIES.

Bridge the Gaps In Your Marriage With Marriage Helper

At Marriage Helper, our mission is to help marriages last a lifetime. There is no secret formula or fall in love quick scheme that will get your husband back. The truth is, marriage is hard. It takes effort to stay together, and when marriages fall apart, it’s because one or both people stopped trying. They stopped trying to connect.

They stopped searching for the good in each other. Marriage has many benefits, but first, we must deal with our past pains to make it healthy and sustainable. We have a 3-day intensive couples workshop to help couples build intimacy again and figure out what went wrong. Our workshops have a 70% success rate.

We guarantee you will leave more enlightened and better prepared to save your marriage. Contact us today to learn more about how to get your spouse back. You can also book a strategy call with one of our representatives for more professional methods to save your marriage.