Our Employees


Kimberly Holmes
Kimberly HolmesChief Executive Officer
Dr. Joe Beam
Dr. Joe BeamFounder and Chief Creative Officer
Gemma James
Gemma JamesChief Operating Officer

The Client Experience Team

Roald Gerber
Roald GerberCoaching Manager & WS Facilitator
Jamie Gagnon
Jamie GagnonWorkshop Coach & Facilitator
Casi Cornejo
Casi CornejoWorkshop Coach
Elena Wisniewski
Elena WisniewskiResearch Assistant
Jared Pratt
Jared PrattMembership Manager/Coach
Vinny Provenzano
Vinny ProvenzanoWorkshop Coach
Marcos Silva
Marcos SilvaWorkshop Coach
Mikayla McMahon
Mikayla McMahonClient Success Representative
Nathan Grounds
Nathan GroundsWorkshop Coach & Facilitator
Scott Donaldson
Scott DonaldsonWorkshop Coach
Tammaryn Gerber
Tammaryn GerberBusiness Operations Administrator

The Intake Specialist Team

Cody Wambolt
Cody WamboltSales Manager
Nathan McIntyre
Nathan McIntyreIntake Specialist
Inza Duchi
Inza DuchiIntake Specialist
Ryan Yates
Ryan YatesIntake Specialist
Jeff Hennore
Jeff HennoreIntake Specialist

The Marketing Team

Jason Marcum
Jason MarcumPodcast & Youtube Producer
Malia Wofford
Malia WoffordContent & SEO Specialist
Phil Stewart
Phil StewartEmail and Funnel Specialist

Membership & Workshop Support Contractors

David Matthews
David MatthewsWorkshop Presenter
Petra Blank
Petra BlankMember Coach
Kara Britton
Kara BrittonWorkshop Breakout Support
Adelé Bester
Adelé BesterMember Coach
Ren Bester
Ren BesterMember Coach