A “midlife crisis” is a lie. This has become a label associated with a process that occurs when one spouse changes their own beliefs and values. This person may become a completely different person because whatever had the greatest influence over them has changed.

When your greatest influence changes, your belief system changes.
When your belief system changes, your value system changes.
When your value system changes, you become a completely different person.

If you or your spouse has changed in a way that has caused harm to the marriage, then this video is for you. You will learn how someone changes who they are (sometimes for the worse) and can eventually become a completely different person than the one you or your spouse fell in love with.

Join us as we discuss this in this special 4-part series of Relationship Radio.

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Regardless of your situation, what we teach will not only make your relationships better, but will also help you to become the best version of yourself along the way.

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