How Insecurity In Men Affects Marriage


Everyone has insecurities of some sort. These insecurities can present themselves in many ways, both emotionally and physically. Let's look at some common ways insecurity in men can manifest in marriage.

How Insecurity In Men Affects Marriage2022-06-27T09:13:26-06:00

How To Get My Spouse To Understand Me


Communication in a marriage is vital to its success. But what happens when you’re trying to communicate but your spouse won’t?

How To Get My Spouse To Understand Me2022-05-12T12:16:08-06:00

My Spouse Doesn’t Understand Me


One of the things I hear people say is that they don't know how to communicate. But you do know how to communicate. You're just doing it poorly.

My Spouse Doesn’t Understand Me2022-02-21T15:06:34-06:00

How To Understand A Cold And Distant Spouse (3 Essential Tips)


If your spouse seems more cold and distant, it’s concerning. Everyone wants to have a good, warm relationship with their spouse; one where you’re enjoying your interactions, so it makes sense to feel concerned if you notice your spouse distancing themselves from you.

How To Understand A Cold And Distant Spouse (3 Essential Tips)2022-03-03T14:58:38-06:00

3 Steps To Really Understand Your Wife


If you really want to understand your wife better than you do now- or if you want your husband to better understand you than the way he does now- there are three steps that men need to take.

3 Steps To Really Understand Your Wife2022-03-02T15:34:23-06:00

The TRUTH About No Contact


So, you stopped contacting your spouse. And now you're trying this thing called “No Contact” to try and get your spouse back. You're trying it to get them to see what they’re missing. You hope that they'll want you back and that they will come crawling back to you… Or at least, that's what you've heard.

The TRUTH About No Contact2020-07-14T18:37:27-06:00

My Spouse Is Practicing NO CONTACT On ME! What Do I Do?


“No Contact” is a phenomenon that a ton of people (especially on YouTube) are talking about. It's getting a lot of attention... but it's not something you want to do for your marriage.

My Spouse Is Practicing NO CONTACT On ME! What Do I Do?2020-07-14T20:22:17-06:00

SMART Contact™ Isn’t Working!


So, if you’re wondering, “What do I do when SMART Contact isn't working?” you've come to the right place! In this article, I’ll explain the top two reasons why SMART Contact isn't working. And, I'm going to share with you two ways that you may be doing SMART Contact wrong. (Especially if you say it's “not working.”) 

SMART Contact™ Isn’t Working!2020-07-14T20:24:02-06:00
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