In this episode of Relationship Radio, we interview Rozanne and learn about her marriage, her journey with Marriage Helper, and how she is finding hope for the future.

Rozanne sought help for after going through some difficult problems in her marriage. Her relationship with her husband began when they were both young, and while they had some good times, Rozanne always felt like there was a distance between them. She believed that her husband did not want a deep, emotional connection with her.

She would later discover that outside influences caused that distance. Hidden addictions, poor communication, and other issues were leading her relationship towards disaster.


Something Was Wrong

When her husband started coming home late and constantly hiding his phone conversations, Rozanne knew that something was wrong. She discovered that there was a secret affair going on between her husband and another woman. Their marriage saw a lot of arguing, pleading, and crying, which only pushed the couple further apart.

When she realized that things drastically needed to change, Rozanne found Marriage Helper and has since started to find a renewed hope for her marriage.

At Marriage Helper, many of the marriage problems we see stem from affairs and cheating spouses. Limerence, that feeling of being madly in love, is a strong pull that affects countless marriages. The person in limerence suddenly has this strong emotional connection with another person that can become a physical affair. They feel like no one has ever understood them or supported them the way this new person does.

It creates incredibly strong emotions that can tear marriages apart. But, we can help.


We Can Help

We have seen so many marriages hurt by affairs, but we have also seen so many marriage fixed and made even better than they were before. It may sound impossible, but finding hope for the future is always possible. We have seen the most desperate situations turned around. If you want to save your relationship with your spouse, it is possible.

Rozanne has used Marriage Helper content to become the best version of herself and find support as she works on putting her marriage back together, and you can do that too.

Listen in on this episode of Relationship Radio as we talk with Rozanne about her story and hear why she still has so much hope for the future, despite her past.

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