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Recover Trust After An Affair

If you are struggling to recover after an affair has happened, you aren’t alone. There’s probably feelings of anger, betrayal, guilt, and shame. We can help you rebuild trust, instill accountability and boundaries, forgive, and move forward to a better marriage.

Reconciliation After Separation

Many times, people think that once the separation is over, their marriage will go back to how it was before and everything will be better. But many times, they realize they don’t want their marriage to be how it was before…they want it to be BETTER. Here’s how to start rebuilding your marriage after a separation.

Rebuilding Intimacy

Struggling to rebuild intimacy? Do you find yourself holding back part of yourself from your spouse out of fear or hurt? Are you having difficulty opening up to your spouse? We can help you begin to take down those walls and rebuild that intimacy you are craving for your marriage.

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