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Did I Forgive My Spouse Too Soon?

The other day, I was doing an “Ask Me Anything” on the Marriage Helper Instagram and came across a question that really caused me to pause and wonder why the person was asking it. The question was: “My husband and I are reconciling, and I'm wondering if I forgave him too soon?” 

How To Find A Marriage Counselor

Why is it that when we have troubles in our marriage we automatically think, “Let’s go to marriage counseling...”  It’s the thing you do, right? I mean, it’s all you hear about from family, friends, or just society in general. We feel like it’s what we need to do if our marriage is in crisis. And, it seems to be the only option that’s there... But we want you to know that marriage counseling may not be what you truly need! We'll explain 3 things you may not know about counseling and how it works so you can decide if it’s what you should do to save your marriage. 

How To Trust Again

Kimberly: The next question we have, this woman says, "I wanted to know, how do I trust my husband again? How do I help him build trust?" Joe: As we've stated [...]

Learning To Trust Again

If you are the spouse who has been hurt - or the spouse who did the hurting - there are key principles for building trust again in your relationship. The [...]

Getting Over A Lover

You were "madly in love" but now it's over. At least it seems to be over. Whether you ended it or the other person did, you continue to struggle with intense [...]

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