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The 3 Types of Infidelity 

Has your marriage been impacted by an affair? If so, this video can help you determine what type of infidelity occurred and provide you with specific next steps.

Where does infidelity stem from? Each type of infidelity comes from a biological and relational need. It can be sexual, emotional, and/or physical. However, each type differs in how it needs to be approached and responded to.

Here are a few key differences. Sexual infidelity stems from the desire for sex. It is sexual in nature- it is not about creating a relationship.

Emotional infidelity stems from a relational connection between two people. It is companionate in nature. We know this specific type of infidelity as “Limerence.” (We have MANY resources on Limerence, so please visit our website & check out our other YouTube videos on this topic.)

Lastly, there is a type of infidelity that is a combination of emotional & sexual. What once began as an emotional connection, grows into a physical relationship. This type of infidelity is the strongest of the three. It is the strongest because combines the three biological drives of a person: sexual, emotional, and physical.

There are many other types of infidelity, however, at its center, infidelity is being unfaithful in mind, body, and/or spirit.

Here’s the question you must ask: Has there been a breach of trust in your relationship? And, is it hurting your marriage?

And if so, what is the motivation behind the infidelity? What is the core issue?

If you feel like there has been infidelity in your marriage, it does NOT have to be the end of your marriage. Take the affair assessment to help you figure out what kind of infidelity has happened & what you should do to move forward: Marriage Affair Assessment

Here at Marriage Helper we work with many couples who have been impacted by infidelity. If your marriage has been impacted by infidelity and you don’t know what to do next, please give us a call and we will direct you to the best resource for your situation.