In this episode, we answer questions from our listeners regarding limerence. Limerence is a state of intense infatuation and longing for another person. One listener asks how long limerence typically lasts, and we explain that it can vary from three months to 48 months, with most cases lasting around two years. While it's possible for limerence to last longer, it's quite rare. We also discuss a case where a listener's husband had an emotional affair with a coworker, but it didn't turn sexual. The listener asks if her husband's friendship with the coworker could still be considered limerence, but we believe it's unlikely to have lasted for 12 years. Another listener asks how to start trusting her husband again after an emotional affair, and we recommend building calculated trust to rebuild the relationship. Ultimately, understanding the stages of limerence can help individuals navigate complex emotional situations in relationships. Dive into this episode with us to learn more!

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