Limerence is the feeling of being madly in love, but is it true love or a chemically produced feeling that doesn’t produce a long term relationship?

Dr. Beam discusses these topics and related details in this informative video.

When a marriage is affected by an affair it is often the case that the person involved in the affair is experiencing the mental state of limerence.

When a person is in an affair and in the state of limerence, the chemicals that influence limerence leave them with little ability to think logically or rationally. A person in this state will risk their family, their job, and their marriage to be with the limerent object (the person that the affair is happening with). The high of limerence is comparable to a high brought on by powerful drugs and is as addictive.

It will take time for limerence to fade. Limerence and love are quite different. Though limerence can inspire a form of love, it’s not the type of love that can hold together a relationship for the long term as Dr. Beam explains in this video.

Real love is based on commitment, companionship, friendship, and trust. Limerence is based on emotional and physical highs. It often has an intense focus on sex and physical closeness.

If you or your spouse is in a limerence-based relationship, Marriage Helper can help you to escape it in order to save your marriage.

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