Why No Contact Doesn’t Work

In the face of marital challenges, many turn to the ‘no contact’ rule as a strategy to reconcile with a separated spouse. However, our latest podcast episode sheds light on the potential drawbacks of this approach. We discuss how ‘no contact’ can sometimes act more as a manipulative tactic, potentially driving your spouse even further away.

Instead, we introduce a better strategy: SMART Contact™. This method revolutionizes how you communicate and behave, aiming to prevent further alienation of your spouse. SMART Contact™ involves handling joint responsibilities in a neutral manner, providing a space for interaction without emotional confrontations. It’s not about cutting off communication, but rather about maintaining a civil and open dialogue, even in tough times.

Our SMART Contact™ Toolkit is a valuable resource for improving communication and easing conflicts. Whether your marriage is strained or you’re just looking to improve communication, this toolkit offers practical advice and insights.

To put it simply, SMART Contact™ is about fostering a respectful and neutral communication environment. It may not immediately draw your spouse closer, but it helps avoid additional strain on the relationship. By promoting healthier communication and respect, SMART Contact™ plays a crucial role in any relationship.

Remember, there is ALWAYS hope. Avoid manipulative strategies like the ‘no contact’ rule. Opt for SMART Contact™ instead to nurture healthier communication in your marriage. Discover more about our SMART Contact™ Toolkit at marriagehelper.com/smart. It’s time to transform the way you communicate in your marriage.


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