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Does Sex Before Marriage Affect The Relationship?

Like any great play, the third stage of limerence provides a twist. These intense feelings can't last, though. On this episode of Relationship Radio, we'll take a look at the reasons why they don't last and what happens when limerence ends.

Married But Sexually Rejected

Your husband rejects you sexually. There must be all kinds of things going through your head. You're thinking, "I need sex too. I need fulfillment. Why does he not want me anymore?" 

Sexual Rejection’s Effect On Marriage

Sexual rejection not only affects how you feel about your sex life- it affects how you feel about your marriage. In fact, Dr. Joe Beam earned his PhD studying the correlation between marital satisfaction and sexual satisfaction. There is a world-wide consensus among researchers and therapists that marital satisfaction and sexual satisfaction are strongly connected.

How To Have Great Sex

Great marriages have great sex.Not just sex.Not just good sex.Great sex!As Dr. Beam earned his PhD through the University of Sydney (rated one of the top 50 universities in the world), [...]

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