Fall more in love with your spouse AND become the most attractive you can be


What Are The PIES?

Physical Attraction

Intellectual Attraction

Emotional Attraction

Spiritual Attraction

How It Works

Through a series of videos and downloadable resources, you will learn how to become the most attractive person you can be and why doing these four things will set you up for success, no matter what happens in your marriage.

The Art of Attraction Toolkit

Kimberly will help you create a step-by-step plan for how to make yourself the most attractive that you have ever been Physically, Intellectually, Emotionally, and Spiritually.

You will learn how to create a plan, follow-through, and share your results with your spouse (even if they want out of the marriage).


The Art of Attraction PIES Assessment

You’ll get 4 self-assessments of questions and examples of each area of attraction. After answering the questions, it will guide you through what specifically you should work on first in each area. These are real examples that work for all four areas of attraction: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Spiritual

How To Choose Your Goals

Kimberly will help you choose your goals in each of the four areas of attraction. You’ll get a PDF to inspire your goal-setting in each area, so if you’re feeling stuck, fear not! Get specific goals & examples you can use to become your most attractive self.

Art Of Attraction Picture Marriage Helper Wife Kicking

The PIES Tracker

You’ll receive a printable 30-day training log that will keep you focused and on track. Stay laser-focused on your goal, and see the amazing amount of change in 30 days.

Course Curriculum


Kimberly Beam Holmes introduces the Art of Attraction Toolkit.

Lesson 1: How We Fall In Love

Learn all about the LovePath and HOW people fall in love.

Lesson 2: What Is Attraction?

Learn about each area of attraction and what research shows us.

Lesson 3: Physical Attraction

What physical attraction is and how to improve physically.

Lesson 4: Intellectual Attraction

Learn what intellectual attraction is and how to improve it.

Lesson 5: Emotional Attraction

What emotional attraction is and how to improve emotionally.

Lesson 6: Spiritual Attraction

What spiritual attraction is and how to improve spiritually.

Lesson 7: Creating Goals

Take a deep dive into choosing goals and become your best self.

“My family is everything to me so when my husband said he wanted a divorce I was devastated. I was lost so I started watching videos on Marriage Helper and it gave me hope! Well then I decided to do the PIES class and I loved it! It helped me become the person I am today.”


In This Course You Will Learn How to:

  • Become more attractive physically

  • Become more attractive intellectually

  • Become more attractive emotionally

  • Become more attractive spiritually

  • Discover your core values
  • Stop pushing your spouse away

  • Get encouragement from other couples
  • Create a plan to become more attractive
  • Assess yourself and create positive change

  • Stop bad habits

  • Set goals and stick to them

  • Become happier with who you are