top unhappy marriage signs

Marriage isn’t all ponies and rainbows. It’s a journey that takes hard work and effort. Luckily that journey comes with memorable moments and the opportunity to do life right with your lifelong partner. Before we get into all the loving and romantic sides of marriage, let’s talk about the sides that aren’t so exciting. We reveal the top 3 unhappy marriage signs to look out for within your marriage. 

According to research at Marriage Helper, 1 out of 3 marriages face frequent problems. These issues involve constant arguing, fights, lack of compatibility, failure to understand their partner, and more. Don’t be a statistic. Get off that train of trouble and onto the love express with these helpful tips today. 


Top Unhappy Marriage Sign Number One: You’ve Stopped Having Fun Together 

It is essential to remain curious about your partner and have fun together. Think back to the days when you were dating. Fun dates involved humor, spontaneity, joking, and just good times. The most successful relationships prioritize dating their spouse and finding ways to keep the love and laughter alive. 

Remaining playful with your partner balances out the stress of our everyday lives and increases interest in our partners. Here are a few ways to have fun or stay interested with your spouse: 

  • Play board games/ puzzles 
  • Plan a date night 
  • Spontaneous day trip 
  • Learn a new skill together
  • Couples massage
  • Learn each other’s love language
  • Start a hobby
  • Attend more local events 
  • Dance 
  • Exercise 


Sign Number Two: You’ve Started Hiding Things From Your Spouse. 

Secrets only lead to two things, more secrets, and unhappy marriages. Even if you’re not having an affair or interested in someone else, hiding things from your partner leads to distrust and disconnect. Who can we turn to if we can’t turn to our spouse when something heavy is on our minds? Your spouse should feel like your safe place when things go wrong. Having an open-honesty policy is a great way to strengthen your bond and build trust no matter the circumstance. 

Hiding things doesn’t feel good emotionally, and it only gets worse once the truth comes out. “Once you put things into the light, nothing can hide in the darkness.” Here are a few ways to build trust between you and your spouse: 

  • Be accepting
  • Be consistent
  • Prioritize communication
  • Come up with a solution to the problem
  • Be open to forgiving or forgiveness
  • Understand your partner’s feelings
  • Offer a judgment and anger-free space 


Top Unhappy Marriage Sign Number Three: You’ve Stopped Being There for Each Other. 

Being there for each other is an essential part of a stronghold marriage. Your vows mean something to both of you and the foundation of your future together. When you stop feeling committed to your relationship, one of you doesn’t feel seen. This mental or physical disconnect causes you to think less highly of your spouse and fall short of their needs. 

Thoughts or perceptions like “I think I would be happier with someone else, or what would life be like with this person?” encourage the idea of alternatives. We’re more likely to act on fantasy from entertaining alternatives in our minds. 

Thinking this way does not mean you married the wrong person. It means you are in an unhappy marriage. The key is focusing on what you have and working to make it better. Here are some ways to be present for your partner and make them feel loved: 

  • Listen to their problems
  • Tell them you love them 
  • Physically show affection
  • Be emotionally available 
  • Validate your partner’s feelings
  • Be compassionate
  • Be supportive when they’re stressed


Unhappy Marriage? Fix-It Today With Marriage Helper

We talked about the top 3 unhappy marriage signs, but what about the rest? The little signs of miscommunication, a loss of intimacy, or feelings of resentment? Marriage Helper is a community of everyday people, coaches, resources, and support ready to guide you to success in your marriage. Being aware of these top unhappy marriage signs puts you in the driver’s seat to steer your path. 

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