Whether it’s done by your best friend, your child, or your spouse, it hurts when we discover that we’ve been lied to, doesn’t it?

No one that I know of likes being deceived. Even in affairs, I often hear the spouse who was cheated on say something such as “As much as the affair hurt, it hurt me even more that s/he lied to me!”

Would it surprise you to know that sometimes the person who lied to you did so because you taught him/her to lie to you?

Yes. It happens.

No, not every lie a person tells you is in response to your actions. Sometimes people lie. Sometimes they lie with those huge life-altering falsehoods that devastate you. Even so, sometimes the lies start because of your own actions. Then the lies escalate. They can become ultimately destructive.

This program isn’t about “beating you up” and saying that the wrong things done by people you love are your fault. Every person is responsible for his/her own decisions and actions. Yet, this program is about learning the things you do that may be teaching someone you care about to lie to you. It doesn’t justify their lies…but learning how to evoke the truth from others is FAR better than doing things that may provoke their lying to you.

In this program, Dr. Joe Beam discusses briefly why people lie. Then he explains how your actions may be facilitating or provoking those lies. Finally, he teaches how to interact with people in a manner most likely to promote their telling you the truth.

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