Ever wish you could really understand what your spouse is saying…you hear the words, you respond, and s/he reacts in a completely different way than you expected. You know you aren’t communicating clearly with each other but it doesn’t make sense to you why you aren’t. It’s like he speaks one language and she another. You speak the same language but apparently the words don’t mean the same to each of you.

In this program, Dr. Joe Beam and special guest Terry Cheatham explain things NOT to do when communicating with another person, things you should ALWAYS do, as well as how to understand what the other person is actually trying to tell you and how to clearly get across what YOU want to communicate.

No, it’s not rocket science, but it’s amazing how many people mess it up. Maybe you’ve been one of those people. Maybe the person you care about is. Maybe both of you. Listen below:

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