A lot of times, we get questions from people that are painful questions. We hear a lot of this particular question: why would someone cheat on the person they love?

There are many reasons why people cheat on their spouses, and we can help you understand what might be going on.

It can be completely overwhelming when you have a cheating spouse because you don’t even know where to start—the questions to ask. Your heart is hurting. You’re scared. There are so many emotions that go into that.

Most people are good. They’re not bad people, but unfortunately, good people do bad things. Now, if you pause for a minute and think about your own life, you’re a good person. And if you think back, you’ll look and see there are things you’ve done wrong. But, remember, none of this is an excuse for the bad or a free ride to do whatever you want.

Instead, it’s a reminder that we are all screwed up—every one of us. We’re broken; you’re broken. And there are things in our life that just don’t come together, things we don’t understand, or things we’ve adopted from childhood.

We’re good people, but they influence us in negative thinking, poor thinking. So now, let’s discuss why someone would cheat on the person they love.

In this episode of Relationship Radio, we interview Stephen, a man who had an affair but is now trying to save his marriage. He talks about what happened in his marriage, how he is trying to repair things, and what you can do if you are going through a similar situation.

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