Ever found yourself quickly labeling someone as a narcissist without truly grasping the concept? Today, we debunk myths and misconceptions around narcissism and selfishness. Kimberly discusses the evolution of narcissism from a personality trait to a diagnosable disorder, currently affecting only 1% of the population. In an era where internet has birthed a surge in self-proclaimed 'narcissists', we emphasize the need to fully understand the term and the dangers it holds when misused.

We then transition into discussing ways to deal with those who exhibit narcissistic traits or heightened selfishness in our relationships. Contrary to popular belief, the answer isn't tough love or firm boundaries, but empathy. We explore the idea of understanding where the selfishness is originating from – fear, low self-esteem, or changing personal desires. We also highlight the importance of setting healthy boundaries and protecting oneself in these situations.

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