Terms and Conditions for the Save My Marriage Facebook Group

Welcome to the Save My Marriage Group! This group is a complimentary service provided by Marriage Helper, an organization that provides workshops and online courses to help people save their marriages.

Please be aware that Marriage Helper has NO control over how Facebook shows posts, groups, or anything else. People who are not in this private group can see that you are a member, but they cannot see what you are writing unless they join. Find out more about Facebook’s group settings here.

By joining this group, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • No posts that promote a product or service other than that of Marriage Helper.

    We feel a great responsibility for what we do and who we serve. We only promote products, services, books, and organizations that we know and have personally vetted and know to teach people things that ACTUALLY WORK. Therefore, we will make recommendations based on our experience, research, and due diligence.

  • No Facebook Live Videos or any Personal Videos (other than from Marriage Helper Team and Staff)

    Because we want you to get the best help possible, we do not permit the use or posting of Facebook live videos or any personal videos since we cannot adequately monitor what is being shared in these videos.

  • No Sharing of Posts

    Share posts through using the share button or taking pictures of posts and sharing them with others. Let’s be mature adults. We strive to make this a SAFE PLACE.

  • Do not give out your number for people to call you – this is unsafe. Don’t do it.

  • Do not ask people to private message you – this is unsafe. Don’t do it.

  • Do not befriend people that you don’t know that are part of the group and they feel uncomfortable to the point they notify the admins – this is unsafe. Don’t do it.
  • If we are told that you are sending unsolicited messages to people, you will be removed.
  • Make threats of harming yourself. This is not because we are heartless, but because we cannot allow these threats to spread into ideas for others, nor can we legally take on that liability.

  • If you encourage others to divorce, separate, or do something that would hurt their marriage, you will be removed.

  • If you solicit yourselves to others in the group in any way, you will be removed.

  • You agree to encourage others, not to tell others or teach others what to do. Any posts where someone is telling someone else what to do or teaching a principle that goes against Marriage Helper’s values will be removed.

  • You will not try and fundraise, ask for money, or sell any product or service in this group other than that of Marriage Helper. All others will be removed.

  • You will not message admins personally. You will not post in the group tagging admins asking them if you can private message them. All posts must be in the large group. You can tag admins for their insight, but it must be publically. Admins must protect themselves as well.

If you wish to talk with someone about how Marriage Helper can help your marriage, visit www.MarriageHelper.com or call Marriage Helper’s offices at 866.903.0990.

More About Marriage Helper

In this group, we want people to find support from others in similar situations or people who have fought for their marriage and won! By doing that, we talk about the products and services that MH offers, like our Workshop that has a 77% success rate at saving marriages on the brink of divorce. We also offer an online course called Save My Marriage that helps people whose spouse has disconnected from their marriage and has no desire to save it.

Because this group is run by Marriage Helper, the team at MH reserves the right to filter posts. There are certain things that we do not allow. We’re protective of all of you in this group and of everyone on our team.

That being said, we have limited time and resources. We would prefer to use those resources to help people and give guidance. Therefore, from this point forward there will be a strict zero tolerance policy.

We want to help marriages. We started this group as a complimentary resource. If you would like deeper help or different rules, then consider joining one of our secret groups that are part of our paid online courses.

Thank you all for your hearts and your dedication to saving your marriages.

More Resources:

To call Marriage Helper and talk to a representative about our products or services, please call 615.472.1161 or 866.903.0990.