When You’re Out Of Options & Your Spouse Won’t Even Consider The Possibility Of Saving Your Marriage



Who This Course Is For

Your spouse has had an affair.

You’re divorced or separated.

Your spouse is in love with someone else.

Your spouse has left or wants out.

You’ve had an affair and want to fix things.

How It Works

You can save your marriage, even if your spouse wants out. We created the Save My Marriage Course as a framework and a plan to learn how to act, interact, and react in a way that will change the trajectory of your marriage. It is a 12-step, online course that will give you all the proven, practical steps to turn your marriage crisis around.

Videos and the Workbook

Over 6 hours of recently re-recorded educational content, spread across 12 videos that you can watch at your own pace from the comfort and privacy of your own home. An interactive and in-depth workbook with sections for you to reflect on and fill in, which becomes your playbook to saving your marriage.

The whole course is also available in podcast format, and a full length transcript. Retail Value: $399 (INCLUDED)

online course

Group Support Weekly Calls

We’ll meet together on weekly group support calls with a Marriage Helper certified coach who will work through the material week by week. You will get the opportunity to ask questions about your own situation and hear questions from the other members.  If you can’t attend live, you’ll have access to watch all the past sessions.

Retail Value: $1,500/year (INCLUDED)

Online Support Forum

A private community forum (hosted on Facebook) full of thousands of people who are fighting for their marriage in situations just like yours providing support and hope. Our admin provide interaction and responses to your questions. You shouldn’t have to do this alone and you don’t have to.

Retail Value $100 (INCLUDED)

BONUS: Access to our Legacy Save my Marriage course videos.

The Save My Marriage course was rerecorded in 2021 and you will get access to the prior 10 week course that thousands of people went through and used to put their marriage back together.

Retail Value $399 (INCLUDED)

BONUS: Recordings of two exclusive Q&A sessions with Dr. Joe Beam

Dr. Joe Beam took the time to go through some of the frequently asked questions submitted by the Save My Marriage community.

Not available anywhere else (INCLUDED)

Andy Wang and wife celebrate 35 years married

“Thank you, Marriage Helper. It has been more than 3.5 years since our restoration. It’s still going strong. This is our hope in reality. We just celebrated our 37 years of engagement on July 1, 1984, and look forward to our 37th wedding anniversary on October 6, 2021.”


Course Curriculum

Lesson 1 Underlying Principles

Understanding PUSHs and PULLs

Lesson 2
Five Things NOT To Do

Avoid these if you want to save your marriage.

Lesson 3
Three Things To Do

Three important things you should be doing.

Lesson 4
The LovePath System

Learn how to target areas to improve.

Lesson 5 Acceptance: Part One

Learn about PULLs: understanding and accepting.

Lesson 6 Acceptance Part Two

Learn why PULLs are so important.

Lesson 7

The biggest PUSH and how it hurts your marriage.

Lesson 8
Affairs (Limerence)

A common problem we see in marriages.

Lesson 9
Things Aren’t Progressing

What to do when things are stagnant.

Lesson 10 When Children Are Involved

What should your kids know in this situation?

Lesson 11
Important Questions

FAQs about saving your marriage.

Lesson 12 When To Move On

When is it time to end the stand?


In This Course You Will Learn How to:

  • How to Act to bring your spouse back
  • Stop pushing your spouse away
  • Find encouragement from others in your same situation
  • Create a plan to follow to save your marriage
  • Become More Attractive
  • Establish boundaries in your relationship
  • Re-engage your spouse back in to your marriage
  • Strengthen your relationship with God (if applicable)
  • Stop negative thoughts
  • Forgive your spouse
  • Help your kids through this time
  • Communicate with your spouse without fighting

What Others Are Saying About The Course

“I already feel like I have started a transformation. This is the engine behind you staying motivated to save your marriage. However if my marriage doesn’t work out, at least I have bettered myself physically, intellectually, emotional and spiritually, and that is priceless. This course will give you a peace of mind”


Frequently Asked Questions About The Save My Marriage Course

This course is for anyone (married or divorced) who wants to save their marriage. At Marriage Helper, we believe that a marriage isn’t over with divorce papers. A marriage is not over until one spouse remarries or passes away. Until then, it is possible to keep fighting for your marriage.
If you are in need of intense marriage help, and your spouse is not willing to attend the Marriage Helper Workshop, then this is the exact course you need.
Our mission is to help couples. No one in the marriage industry cares more about helping people and saving marriages as we do.
Once you register for the course, you will receive a username and password that will let you access the private members only portal which contains the videos, resources, workbooks, eBooks, and more.
You can access the content from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.
When support calls occur, will take place each week on Tuesday Nights. Miss a call? No worries! All calls will be recorded and posted in the Secret Facebook Group each week for you to listen to again and again.
This course has over $1050 worth of products, content, and value, but the price of the course is only $399.
A normal therapy session is $100 for a one-hour session. In this course, you receive over 3 hours of resources each week (including videos, homework assignments, coaching calls, and engagement in the private Facebook group)… for 12 lessons.  And remember, you get access from anywhere in the world.

No problem!

If you’d like to pay for this course monthly for 3 months, we’ve got you covered. The monthly payment option is available here.