Do you know the difference between physical affairs and emotional affairs?

Typically, people refer to an emotional affair as one that has no physical interaction between the two people, or if some physical interaction, it’s not regular sex. What we mean by that is this: “We may have held hands. We may have hugged. We may have even kissed at some point, but we haven’t done anything beyond that.”

A sexual affair, obviously, will include whatever you consider to be sex. But you may be wondering, can an affair be both physical AND emotional? There is actually a third category called “limerence” that we can teach you about.

Now, sometimes people say, “Well, can we get past it? If my spouse is having an emotional affair with somebody else, or if I am having an emotional affair with somebody else, is there any way we can grow past this?” And the answer is: absolutely. It will be based on your decision and whatever decision your spouse makes. And also, not just the decision, but what you do. You can do certain things that will lead to overcoming an emotional affair, or even a sexual affair, and put your marriage back together, making it stronger than ever before.

In this episode, Dr. Joe Beam explains the differences between physical affairs, emotional affairs, and limerence. You’ll learn what to do if you or your spouse has had an affair and what you can do to start repairing your marriage.

This is a three-part series so make sure you tune in each week as Dr. Joe talks about the stages of affairs and how you can turn your marriage around.

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