Healing can happen but it takes hard work. The experiences and traumas from your past can significantly impact your current life and marriage.

In this episode of Relationship Radio, Gemma sits down with Shel to discuss the tumultuous times that caused her marriage to fall apart. They also discuss how Shel is using Marriage Helper to try and rebuild herself and her marriage.

She discusses both of their parents’ past use of drugs and how that affected them differently, the stresses of 12 years of failed conception, and how depression played a part in their problems.

Shel has realized through these struggles that the vision she had for her life might have only been part of the picture. Unfortunately, life and a career got in the way of her marriage and after nearly 20 years of marriage, her husband found himself in love with another woman. A woman who is having her husband’s baby.

There is an amazing story here and, like most of us, this story hasn’t ended yet. At the time of the recording, she hasn’t reconciled with her husband and their issues persist. Healing can happen but it takes hard work and we want to help you there.

Sometimes the road back starts with better communication

Communication in a marriage is vital to its success. But what happens when you’re trying to communicate but your spouse won’t? It can be a frustrating situation when you try to have a conversation with your significant other, and they don’t hear you or don’t understand. However, there are some things that you can do to get your spouse to understand you. Download our free eBook on SMART Communication to learn how to best communicate with your spouse, even if they won’t engage you.

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