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The Art of Falling in Love Video Series – Path to Soul Satisfying Love – $49

Do You Wish You Could Have MORE In Your Marriage?

The Art of Falling in Love Video Series – Path to Soul Satisfying Love is a 10 Part Video Series to Guide you and your spouse through how to fall deeper in love than ever before.

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Infatuation vs. Love

Have you ever felt the excitement of new love? When love begins, it’s thrilling, and you think about the person often. But is this genuinely love, or is it infatuation? And if it is true love, will it last?

I Can’t Get Along With My Spouse At Home

Let me ask you a question... When you think of your home, what is the feeling that comes to mind? Is it a feeling of peace, calmness, of excitement? Of a place that you want to be? Or, when you think about your home, is it something that stresses you out? Is it something that maybe gives you a little bit of anxiety? 

How Social Media Is Affecting Your Relationship

Have you seen Social Media affect your marriage? We definitely have. And while it isn’t going to be what “makes or breaks” a marriage, the habits we create with social media can lead to problems. And in this article, we’ll discuss the top three ways that social media can affect your relationship.

Stuck At Home With Your Spouse?

My husband shared a meme with me yesterday which said, “With no sports on TV due to March Sadness. I got to know my wife. She’s actually really nice. Works in the medical field.”  We laughed. For a minute. And then I thought… it’s a little too true for comfort.  If you’re reading this article on the day we posted it… then you are probably stuck at home, with the rest of America (or half of the world) with your husband or your wife. Quarantined.  And even if your marriage is fine, being stuck in a house with your spouse and maybe even your kids for the never-ending foreseeable future can be overwhelming… (and stressful!)

Feeling Like You Never See Your Spouse Because Of Work?

Are you living apart from your spouse because of your job? Because of their job? Do you or your spouse work long hours and feel like you don’t see each other often? If you’ve experienced something like this, you know it adds an extra layer of stress to your life and to your marriage.

Why Men Don’t Need Respect

Don’t have your headphones or a private place to listen right now? Read the script here: Why Men Don’t Need (Just) Respect With Kimberly Holmes Here’s What Society Says: (0:00) [...]

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