The Art of Falling in Love Toolkit


Learn the art of falling in love that will put you on the path to soul satisfying love, a video series based on Dr. Joe Beam’s bestselling book The Art of Falling in Love.



Wouldn’t it be great if people could just choose who they love?? Things would be easier, right? Well, we’ll show you how you can. There’s a proven “Art To Falling In Love”  that’s never taught to us in school. It’s never shown on Disney movies. Or in romantic comedies.

The Art of Falling in Love Video Series  is a 10 Part Video Series to Guide you through how to fall deeper in love than ever before.

Do You Wish You Could Have MORE In Your Marriage?

Do you want more love?

More passion?

More intimacy?

More sex?


We Can Help You Get More In Your Marriage

The Art of Falling in Love Toolkit is a 10 Part Video Series to Guide you through how to fall deeper in love than ever before.

  • Share Your Passions

    • Aspiration – one of the most important aspects of a deeply satisfying marriage. If a couple lives without joint aspirations and common goals, trouble is not far behind. Discover how to build aspiration into your marriage and take it to the next level (a level that most couples never reach – but can bring ultimate fulfillment).
  • Learn to Love Deeper

    • Understand the three key characteristics of love – Commitment, Intimacy, and Passion. In the workbook, you and your spouse will take a brief survey to discover where you both are in regards to marital satisfaction as well as better understand the biblical definitions of love and how they relate to your marriage.
  • Learn How to Fight…And Win

    • The Challenge of Conflict – No couple agrees about everything in their marriage. What’s most important is handling conflict when it arises. In this video and workbook chapter, you will learn how to watch for triggers that can escalate into conflict as well as ‘win-win’ guidelines in dealing with conflict.


Here’s What You Get with the The Art of Falling in Love Toolkit:

First, you will go through 10 videos that will teach you the core concepts.

This includes:

  • How people fall in love
  • How to grow closer to your spouse
  • What is true intimacy
  • How to connect on the most intimate level
  • How to feel fully known and loved by your spouse
  • How to truly know and love your spouse
  • How to understand your differences
  • How to set goals for your marriage
  • …and more

Then Move on to Focusing on Your Situation

  • Printable worksheets guide you through a process of how to talk to your spouse and get to know your spouse on a deeper level than ever before.
  • If desired, you can also use this as a small group study at your church.
  • The facilitator and participant workbooks can be found on Amazon.
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