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Have you seen Social Media affect your marriage? We definitely have. And while it isn’t going to be what “makes or breaks” a marriage, the habits we create with social media can lead to problems.


And in this article, we’ll discuss the top three ways that social media can affect your relationship.


It Opens Up Possibilities To Connect With Others Emotionally


First, it opens up possibilities to reconnect with old flames (or start new relationships). Liking a post turns into commenting on a post, commenting on a post turns into private messaging… and so it goes.


Here’s the bottom line, if you’re hiding what you do from your spouse, or doing things in secret, it is a cause for concern.


It Draws You Toward Comparison


With Social Media, you can start comparing your spouse to someone else OR your life to someone else’s. 

Comparison can lead to dissatisfaction. Not only that, but some studies suggest there is a link between an increase in social media usage and a decrease in marital satisfaction. That is, the more time someone spends online, the less happy they are with their marriage. 

It Takes Away Quality Time


And the more time you spend on social media means the less time you spend with your spouse. 

Whether you’re “out and about” or just sitting at home, if you, your spouse, or both of you are on your phones you can miss out on quality time together. You are in the same physical space, but absent in heart and mind.

Examine Your Habits 


Hear this: Examine your habits. How are you spending your time? Do you look at social media more than you connect with your spouse? And, do you want to make changes? If so, you can absolutely start making changes today!

But what if you don’t like spending time or talking with your spouse… What then? Let us help you get back on track! We believe you can become friends again and create an amazing marriage where you want to spend time together!



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