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The Art of Falling in Love Video Series – Path to Soul Satisfying Love – $49

Do You Wish You Could Have MORE In Your Marriage?

The Art of Falling in Love Video Series – Path to Soul Satisfying Love is a 10 Part Video Series to Guide you and your spouse through how to fall deeper in love than ever before.

We want to help you strengthen your marriage.

Articles For You

Nurturing Your Marriage Biblically

The Bible is filled with so much wonderful practical application when it comes to life and relationships that it is nearly impossible to read without finding some area in our lives that can be improved.

Intimacy Through Transparency

Transparency. What a tricky, dangerous word. The truth is transparency is the key to an intimate marriage. In fact, I would argue, you simply cannot have intimacy without it.

Settling for Less: Pseudo-Intimacy

No matter your love language, nothing speaks love more deeply than someone who knows your deepest, darkest secrets and yet still believes in you. You, along with every human heart, long to have someone who knows you, flaws and all, and still accepts you and cares for you.

Should I Share My Sexual History with My Spouse?

Question: Should I reveal to my husband events from my past, even though I believe he could never find out about them? There is a threefold test I share with people who ask if they should tell their spouses either about their distant past, or about things that they’ve done since their marriages began.

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