Marriage Courses & Coaching

If you need deeper resources to help save or strengthen your marriage, you’re in the right place. Whether you need an online course, some 1 on 1 time with one of our Marriage Helper Certified Coaches, we’re here to help.

Can One Spouse Save A Marriage?

The Save My Marriage Course™ has helped over 6,000 people and counting…is coming back from the vault FOR YOU to join.

If you want to…

  • Identify what went wrong in your marriage…
  • Unlock the most important part of the LovePath™…
  • Find a confidential and safe community to support you…
  • Achieve peace knowing you’ve done the right next thing for your marriage…

This bundle is for you!

Understanding Limerence Toolkit Live Event

Looking to uncover the secrets to understanding Limerence?

Look no further than the Understanding Limerence Toolkit Live event hosted by Dr. Joe Beam and Kimberly Beam Holmes on March 27th – 29th.

“I seriously never thought I’d see this. Last year for our 15th wedding anniversary my gift was him wanting a divorce, this year we are celebrating 16 yrs together. Crazy how much can change! I know it’s hard but stay strong! Even reconciling can be hard! Just keep going!”



Need more help understanding what went wrong in your marriage and a simple plan of how to fix it for your specific situation? Check out our video toolkit courses that dig into these specific areas.

SMART Contact Toolkit website icon

How to stop the craziness and get your spouse to talk to you.

If you have been trying to get a disengaged spouse to respond to you in some way, it can feel like beating your head against the wall.

SMART Contact is more than just a tactic or something you try. It’s a strategy for communication.

Hugh and wife marriage helper courses testimonial

“So many are struggling here, and I know it’s soo hard. The world is even more challenging these days which doesn’t help a bit. I wanted to give a word of praise for the MH tools. They’ve really made a huge difference in our life. If you can apply even the smallest dose of Marriage Helper’s teachings, I truly believe your life will be enriched. Put in the work folks, it’s so worth it.”


Our coaches will help guide you to the end goal you are looking for in fixing your marriage problems, with actionable steps and goals for future growth.

We did some coaching sessions. I have to say it was the best counseling I’ve ever had! Our sessions were done via 3-way phone calls. My husband was so disconnected and in denial of his hurtful behavior that being safe behind a phone allowed my “you have got to be joking right” face to not be seen. Even from the first call, we got practical, usable advice! I pray we do it again now that we are reconciled.”