prayer for a deeply troubled marriage

Sometimes people ask me: “What can I pray to save my marriage? What words will bring my spouse back? Is there a prayer for a troubled marriage?”

Sometimes, it’s hard to pray. Especially when you don’t know what to say, you don’t have the strength, and honestly, you aren’t sure that it’s going to make a difference

Maybe you aren’t a religious person, but you have been grasping at anything you can to bring peace into your life again…this is for you, too.

I get it. I’ve been there, too. And there’s nothing worse than feeling completely helpless and waiting for something to happen – especially when you have no control. When your life is in the midst of chaos, it’s hard to see anything but the middle of the storm that you are in.

I want to encourage you today that God hears your prayers for your marriage. He works all things together for good for those who love Him.

We can’t see the big picture right now. But one day, we will. And we will see how, once again, it all worked out for our good. I don’t have a concoction of magic words for you that will make everything right overnight. No one does.

But if you need some help in finding the words to pray, I wanted to give this to guide you:

God, I know that You are good, even though I can’t see the good right now. I know that You love me, even though I don’t feel You right now. God, please come closer to me. Fill me with Your Spirit. Rid my heart of the anger and hurt I have towards my spouse. Surround me with comfort, strength, and wisdom. Pour Your love into me, into my spouse, and into my marriage. Help me to wait. Be with me in the waiting.

I want to invite you to see what God might be showing you through all of this. Even if you feel alone, He hasn’t abandoned you. Even if you feel weak, that is where His strength comes in. If you feel like He isn’t answering, stay the course.

And while you wait:

  • Look for others you can encourage in your life. It’s easy to get wrapped up in all of our own troubles…but there are so many others out there struggling as well. We need each other.
  • Be extra mindful of the blessings you do have in your life. There are probably many ways that God is answering prayers in other areas, but our tunnel-vision on our current situation keeps us from seeing it.

If you need prayers for your marriage, we want to pray for you. If you need to talk, we will talk with you. We will listen. We will encourage. There IS hope for your situation (maybe even when no one else will tell you).

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