[PODCAST] Dealing With Guilt- The Dr. Joe Show Podcast

It may be guilt you feel. It may guilt felt by someone you love. Either way, it affects everyone. The person who feels guilt has little to no peace. The ones who love the guilt-ridden are pushed away…or feel helpless to help.

Guilt isn’t a bad thing. We actually need it. If we never felt it, we’d have no conscience…we’d fake feeling remorse and true emotions about how we affect others, but that’s all it would be…fake.

But guilt can also work against us. It can lead us to make poor decisions, remove ourselves from others, cause us to lash out at others, or even do things to punish ourselves (whether we realize that we’re doing it or not).

When should a person feel guilty?

What is the best way to deal with guilt?

How can we get past guilt, especially when there seems to be nothing we can do to stop it?

How can we find true forgiveness from others…from ourselves…from our God.

How does guilt affect relationships?

How can we help those who are captured by guilt find the way out of the darkness and pain?

In this program Dr. Joe Beam, author of Getting Past Guilt, discusses the subject of guilt…what it is…when it’s good…when it’s bad…how to use it for good results…how to remove it when it’s causing harm…how to help others who feel guilt. Listen below:

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