Our Story

The team at MH has been in the business of working with relationships for several decades. Founded by Dr. Joe Beam, who began his work in academia, relationship research, and quickly becoming a leading relationship expert in America – it wasn’t just Dr. Beam’s approach to relationships from a social sciences and research perspective that led to Marriage Helper’s success…

…but his personal passion for saving marriages, which came from his own story. In the 1980’s, Dr. Beam, a prominent and successful speaker, experienced the downfall of his own marriage. He and his wife divorced for 3 years, and as Joe would tell you himself, during those 3 years he did things he never thought he would do, went places he never thought he would go, and became a person he never thought he would become.

After 3 years of living a life he never thought he would live, he called his ex-wife and asked her to take him back. They didn’t love each other. Alice, his ex-wife, had already started dating. But they had 2 young daughters, and Alice knew that Joe was a good man who had done bad things…and she knew he deserved another chance. They re-married, and almost divorced again because they hadn’t actually fixed anything. But they doubled-down and figured out how to make it work the second time, and as a result of that new marriage, the restoration of all that was lost, they had another daughter. I am that daughter.

I owe my life to restoring relationships.

Dr. Beam, my dad, went on to become a researcher, social scientist, and sexologist and created a process and platform for saving marriages that actually works.

In 1999, he created a 3 day workshop for marriages in crisis after studying and consuming literally tens of thousands of pages of research. An independent researcher documented the success of the workshop for 7 years after couples attended the workshop and found that 3 out of 4 of the marriages who attended the workshop were still together…even 7 years later.

Marriages that were in crisis and on the brink of divorce…7 years later, still together. And not just together…but better relationship satisfaction than before.

Through online resources, workshops, and marriage coaching, we provide couples with practical tips & tools to save, fix, grow, or rebuild their marriage. “If anything works, this will.”

–Kimberly Holmes, CEO

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Our Values

  • Empathy- understanding our client’s feelings

  • Compassion- identifying with our client’s sense of loss and sorrow and a desire to alleviate the pain

  • Caring- having a genuine concern about our clients

  • Integrity- to provide our clients with honesty and strict adherence to moral and ethical principles.

  • Listening- not to just hear but to listen to our clients and allow them to talk about their feelings

  • Hope- offering our clients a feeling that what is wanted can be had and that events will turn out for the best

  • Confidentiality- to protect our client’s trust with personal and intimate information