Infatuation vs. Love


Have you ever felt the excitement of new love? When love begins, it’s thrilling, and you think about the person often. But is this genuinely love, or is it infatuation? And if it is true love, will it last?

Infatuation vs. Love2023-06-09T10:41:22-06:00

Why Do You Love Someone? How People Fall In Love


Did you know there's a process to falling in love? At Marriage Helper, we call it the LovePath. Whether you knew it or not, you followed a process that led you to fall in love with your spouse.

Why Do You Love Someone? How People Fall In Love2022-06-13T11:30:20-06:00

The Difference Between Love and Limerence


Limerence is the feeling of being madly in love, but is it true love or a chemically produced feeling that doesn't produce a long term relationship? Dr. Beam discusses these topics and related details in this informative video.

The Difference Between Love and Limerence2023-07-10T12:11:41-06:00
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