Why Does My Spouse Hate Me Toolkit


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Everyone knows that marriage can be difficult, but you feel like your spouse hates you? This doesn’t have to be the end. This course will help you identify the root cause of your problems and provide concrete solutions on how to turn that hate back into love.

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You feel like your spouse hates you. Maybe they’ve told you so. Or maybe they demonstrate it in the way they act toward you…or even some of the things they do when they’re away from you.

One reason it hurts so deeply is that you still love your mate. You want to be together. You want them to love you again they way they once did. This rejection you feel is painful to the core of your being. You’ve probably been wondering what you can do differently…or in your mind, reliving memories where you did do things differently than what you did in the moment. Perhaps you know why your spouse feels the way they do…you know that you caused a hurt which has now grown into loathing. Or maybe your situation is the opposite.

You can’t figure what it is that you did that deserves this kind of treatment. Sometimes you say that to yourself or your friends, “I DON’T DESERVE THIS!” If you feel any of these things, we have very good news for you.