stages of limerence


There is a difference between that feeling of love and of being “madly in love.”

If you long for that magically amazing love that is the focus of so many  movies, TV shows, and novels, you may indeed experience it…but not forever. Love that is deep and long-lasting isn’t an overwhelming ecstasy but something much deeper…something with roots that dig deeply into your heart, your mind, your soul.

Yet that “madly in love” feeling is truly amazing when experienced. In the social sciences we have a word for it; limerence. More than just identifying it, researchers dig into it to understand it better…including how long it lasts…and factors that either prevent it, diminish it, or end it.

In this program, Dr. Joe Beam explains what he has witnessed in thousands of people “madly in love” and discusses the three stages of limerence he has identified.

If you are “madly in love” this program is for you.

You may feel that the intensity of your current emotion for the other person will last forever just as it is now. Dr. Beam explains how it will change, and how understanding that change can help prevent consequences that you don’t yet see coming.

If you are married to someone who has fallen “madly in love” with another, this program is for you. If you wish to save your marriage but think it impossible because your husband or wife is in limerence with another, Dr. Beam’s explanations of limerence, especially understanding the three stages, can guide you in the process of saving your marriage. As he says, “If anything works, this will work.”


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