“The Things I Did To Save My Marriage”

In our most recent podcast episode, we were honored to host Jared Pratt, a certified coach with Marriage Helper. His story serves as an inspiring narrative for anyone who has ever asked, “How can I save my marriage?” Jared’s experience demonstrates the incredible resilience and transformative power that comes from seeking the right support, especially in dire marital situations.

In the first segment, Jared delved into the personal challenges he faced in his marriage, which led him to the point of contemplating divorce. He talked about how internalizing his unhappiness and frustrations had a negative impact on his actions and thoughts. Like many people wondering how to save their marriages, Jared had a turning point on a fateful Valentine’s Day. Instead of pursuing divorce, he discovered Marriage Helper and began his road to marital healing.

The second part of the podcast focuses on how Jared tackled his relationship issues to save his marriage. Raised in a religious environment that often emphasized self-blame for negative outcomes, he adopted a process called “Name the Lie, Save the Truth.” This approach, a form of cognitive behavior restructuring, enabled Jared to reevaluate the negative beliefs he held and replace them with more constructive ones. This was a critical step for him in saving his marriage.

As we approached the conclusion of the podcast, Jared highlighted how the method of cognitive behavior restructuring could be a vital tool for anyone looking to save their marriage. Owning your part in the marital conflict and understanding your own frustrations can pave the way for a healthier relationship and personal growth. He also directed listeners to the multiple resources available at Marriage Helper, including the Save My Marriage Program. The emphasis Jared places on investing in personal growth stands as an influential message for our audience.

Jared’s compelling journey serves as a crucial resource for anyone facing relationship issues and contemplating the question, “How can I save my marriage?” The episode illuminates the power of cognitive behavior restructuring and shows the importance of taking responsibility for your actions in conflicts. Remember, no matter how complicated your marital situation may appear, seeking support and investing in personal growth can offer a pathway to a healthier, more robust relationship. There’s always a road to recovery, so take the first step to save your marriage today.

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