Is Marriage Worth It?


Is marriage worth it? There are a few different ways that I could approach this question. But let's look at the research.

Is Marriage Worth It?2022-03-02T15:36:52-06:00

Was Taking Them Back A Mistake?


If you’re asking yourself… “Am I a fool?”  It's probably because you feel like you have been so hurt, betrayed, or lied to that you don't know what to believe anymore. 

Was Taking Them Back A Mistake?2022-05-19T15:04:40-06:00

Choosing Between Lover Or Spouse


It may be that somebody has told you that you're really not in love with this other person; that it's a fantasy, that it's infatuation, or that it will go away.

Choosing Between Lover Or Spouse2022-08-08T09:46:22-06:00
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